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Much of what you need to know to dramatically increase profits for your plant business has been laid-out in a simple, easy to follow format.

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“Kevin, helped me to quickly secure 5 new accounts and increase my monthly revenue by $2200.00. Plus I’m still getting additional income from add-on sales.” Kevin’s generosity and insights have been a tremendous asset to my plant business. You really can make money selling plants!

Greg T. Botanic Arts

My Story

25+ Years Of Horticulture and Business Success

My Story

Kevin Urquhart / Plantscaper Profit Secrets

ideas for residual income, how to make money selling plants

There’s nothing better than loving what you do!


And, like you, I love making people happy with beautiful indoor plants, But…




What I don’t like, is working my tail off and having little to show for it.



In the beginning it was just me, a used pick-up truck, and a dream.

I did everything from plant maintenance to purchasing, sales, delivery, bookkeeping, and billing. 

I didn’t know a whole lot back then. But to build the business of my dreams I knew one thing for sure… 


To have the kind of business that produced a comfortable recurring income to support my wife and 5 kids and, give me the time to enjoy it, I would need help.

So, my first goal was to get help with the plant maintenance. (That’s not always easy.) But…


My biggest frustration was trying to find information specifically on making real money selling plants, and growing a profitable interior plant business.

I wanted a proven path to follow. But I needed answers.


I had questions like…


Today that’s all changed. DRAMATICALLY! 

After several years of refinement I created profitable processes for every area of my plant business. 

To get there, I had to learn from what didn't work an get rid of it. Then...

I took what worked and refined it, until I had methods that were reliable, predictable, and of course profitable.  


A Surprise Discovery:

My journey for answers also led to developing a unique pricing strategy I’ve never seen before. 

This one pricing strategy alone has helped me to make more money selling  plants than just about anything else.

 Finally, it was through much trial and error I figured out what worked and packaged all my secrets into simple, easy to follow blueprints of lessons, checklists, and forms. All proven to be profitable for an interior plant service business. 

 And now the same methods I used to create millions of dollars for my own interior plant service business are available to you, 

So you…

Now You Can Have the Plant Business of Your Dreams


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